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Father's Rights Lawyer in Boerne, TX  and San Antonio, TX

In most divorce proceedings, men usually face many challenges when trying to fight for their rights to the child. Our father's rights law firm uses a “dads are equal” approach to ensure that you get your parenting rights as a father.

Win a Father’s Rights Case

Winning a custody case is not easy for men. However, our law firm knows the approach that can help you win the case. Some of the methods will include:

  • Earning power
  • References
  • Presence
  • Marital Status

The following descriptions extrapolate the above information and discuss certain methods and approaches that we implement in order to get our clients fair, reasonable, and most importantly--desirable outcomes--in their father’s rights, child custody case.

Factors in a Successful Father’s Rights Case

1. Earning Power

Men traditionally earn more than women do. In the current economy, fathers are more likely to find employment than women are. It is essential that the court is made aware of this. Consequently, our father's rights law office will argue that the father will be in a better position to provide for the children. Flexing financial muscle never feels good. However, it is a proven method of getting more rights as a father.

For instance, take a parent who will make barely enough to afford a small apartment and relies on some government assistance to get by. Contrast that with a parent who has a well-paying job, who can afford nice clothes for the children, and a safe neighborhood with a good school. When the judge weighs the options that the kids have, he or she will give the father more rights. A lawyer that fails to use this argument, when it applies, is simply not doing a good job.

2. Marital Status

You should never get married just to win a case. However, if you do get married to someone that you already love, it could help your case. Some people may think that being remarried may not be advantageous. However, that is wrong. When a man gets married, even in cases where both parents were not married, the court considers the new wife to be a mother figure. Having a mother and a father in a house is considered to be in the child’s best interest. If you marry a wife and she happens to be a stay at home one, it could help the case. Make sure you mention that she is a good woman who can help with caring for the kids.

3. Negotiations

Before taking a custody case to court, fathers should consider talking to the mother. The custody case can be lengthy and uncomfortable. It can cause emotional and financial stress to both parties. By coming to an agreement, you can save both money and time. Besides, if an agreement if reached outside of court, it may be more favorable for the father.

The Changing Law in Texas

In the past, most courts used to rule that a child was best left in the care of its mother for the first four years of life. However, that has since changed. Today, most states have changed legislation so that mothers and fathers both have equal rights. That means that a father can get more rights than a mother in some instances if they have the right father's rights lawyer with them.

If you hope to win a custody case, you will need a good lawyer by your side. Call use today for some of the best legal counsel in this region.

Who is the Best Father’s Rights Attorney in Boerne or San Antonio, Texas?

If you or someone you know is dealing with a divorce in San Antonio or Boerne, Texas and needs an excellent father’s right attorney consider The Law Office of Enacio B Barretto. The Law Office of Enacio B Barretto will take care of all your needs with your father’s rights case if you are in the Boerne or San Antonio or its surrounding areas. He will do the hard work on your case so you can have peace of mind knowing you and your family are in the best hands.

If you are located in any of the following locations, The Law Office of Enacio B Barretto can help you with your case:

  • New Braunfels, TX
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