Where Can I Find An Attorney To Represent Me In My Divorce?

Getting divorced can easily be the most stressful and emotional event of a person's life, and it is vital to find an experienced and reputable attorney to help you make your way through the process. You need an attorney who is not only willing to fight for you, but also who will remain calm and professional even when situations may seem unreasonable.

At the Law Office of Enacio B. Barretto, I have been helping people for over three decades to get what they need and deserve for themselves and their families. I will listen to your concerns and make sure you receive the best possible result in your case based on your particular circumstances.

What Are The Divorce Laws In Texas?

Every divorce is different. Texas allows both fault and no-fault divorces — which means that one party can blame the other for the breakup of the marriage, on grounds of adultery, cruelty or abandonment.

If a couple shares children, there will be important matters involving child support and custody. Whatever property the spouses own will need to be divided fairly. As Texas is a community property state, most of the property the parties acquired during the marriage will be split evenly.

Texas is also a state that allows alimony in certain instances. While the parties may agree to it, the judge may also order it if the circumstances warrant. This will depend on several factors, and there are limits to what the judge can order and the duration of time for which the spousal support will continue.

How Does The Divorce Process Work?

In Texas, one of the spouses in a divorce will file the original petition for divorce. You will not be at a disadvantage if you are not the one who files, but you need to protect yourself during a divorce. You will need to pay close attention to what the petition states.

You may need to get a temporary restraining order to preserve the assets of the marriage and make arrangements for the children. You might also need to file an answer to the original petition. After you go through the required hearings, and assuming that both spouses agree on the terms, the divorce won't be finalized for at least 60 days. I am here to assist you with this process as well as the other matters along the way.

What Do I Need To Know About Divorce?

One important thing to remember when you are involved in a divorce case is that you need to pay attention to when the hearings are set and attend them all. Recent attempts have been made to complicate different technical aspects of the divorce process in Texas, which is an additional reason that it is imperative that one retains an experienced family law attorney.

A person filing for divorce in Texas will also have time limits on certain actions and responses, and if you miss a deadline it could have a negative effect on your case that you may not recover from. I will cover every minute detail of your case so that you can rest assured that I will let no chance to succeed on your behalf pass us by.

I will personally and thoroughly cover the details of your case and make sure that every last detail is accounted for. I will attend your hearings with you, passionately advocating for you and what is best for your family.

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